Endeavor Insight has just finished a comprehensive survey of the tech sector in Colombia with support from the World Bank. By collecting data from the founders of hundreds of local tech companies, it was possible to map a complex, interwoven web of connections. This network continues to connect innovative entrepreneurs in Colombia.

Entrepreneurs were asked about their relationships—who mentored you? Who inspired you? In which companies have you invested?—in order to gather details about this network of connections. This data was analyzed in order to arrive at some interesting results. Scroll down in order to see a report containing these analyses, in addition to four interactive maps visualizing the links between founders of tech companies in Colombia. To read about Insight’s methodology, click here.

Interactive Maps

Full Map

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Founders’ Universities

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Influential Support Programs

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Entrepreneurs by City

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Endeavor Insight

Endeavor Insight, Endeavor’s research arm, studies high-impact entrepreneurs and their contribution to job creation and economic growth. Its research educates policy makers and practitioners on how to accelerate entrepreneurs’ success and support the development of strong entrepreneurship ecosystems. In 2013, Endeavor Insight joined with the Kauffman Foundation and the World Bank, to co-found the Global Entrepreneurship Research Network.

This project was carried out in collaboration with the Global Entrepreneurship Research Network (GERN).


The Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies (Ministerio de Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones , or MinTIC) is the public entity of the Government of Colombia in charge of leading affairs related with the development of technological infrastructure, appropriate use of spectrum, regulation of telecommunication services, and appropriation of internet and other digital tools for the population. MINTIC is also in charge of the design and implementation of policies, plans, and projects to promote the development of the digital ecosystem in Colombia.

Since 2010, when the Ministry of Telecommunications restructured and transformed into MinTIC, it has worked on various fronts to positively impact the lives of the poorest Colombians. With the Vive Digital Plan for the People, MinTIC offers the poorest Colombians opportunities to develop and prosper in the areas of Employment, City and Region, Education, and Digital Government.

The World Bank

The World Bank was established in 1944 as a vital source of financial and technical assistance to developing countries around the world. The Bank provides low-interest loans, zero to low-interest credits, and grants to developing countries. These support a wide array of investments in such areas as education, health, public administration, infrastructure, financial and private sector development, agriculture, and environmental and natural resource management. The Bank also offers support to developing countries through policy advice, research and analysis, and technical assistance. Analytical work often underpins World Bank financing and helps inform developing countries’ own investments. The World Bank Group is headquartered in Washington, D.C.




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